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Written by Beth Garrett
Before the Spaniards discovered this gem by the sea in 1512, Indians inhabited the area that is now Acapulco for over 2,000 years. The Spanish recognized the immense possibilities the location had to offer as a trade route. In 1523, Acapulco joined the Camino de Asia. This trade road
provided a link between the Far East and Spain. Once this partnership was formed, Acapulco flourished as a major city. In the early 17th century, El Fuerte de San Diego was built on a hill overlooking the Bay of Acapulco. Acapulco Coastline Still standing today, this fort deterred Dutch and English pirates from attempting to loot Spanish ships. Once Mexico gained its independence from Spain, Acapulco became isolated from the world and boardered on poverty. In the 20th century two things happened to restore this seaside city to its original glamour. A paved road was built from Acapulco CoastMexico City bringing numerous vacationers and the Hollywood elite discovered this opulent beach town with everyday people following close behind. Today, Acapulco is Mexico's largest and most popular resort town.

An Abundance of Water Related Acapulco Activities

Beach and water related activities remain the most popular things to do while visiting Acapulco. For those who prefer to work on their tans, there are numerous beaches to choose from. Located on the south side of the Peninsula de Playas are Playas Caleta
and Caletilla, two small private beaches. The waters here are calm, making Cliff Divers in Acapulco it an ideal swimming area for children. While here, vacationers can enjoy the refreshing Pacific Ocean, visit the Magico Mundo Marino water park or take a boat over to Roqueta Island. On the trip over to the island, peer through the glass bottom of the boat to catch a glimpse of the submerged Virgin of Guadalupe. The most popular beaches in Acapulco are Playas Hornitos, Hornos and Icacos. Water sports are also abundant in this resort town. Waterskiing, deep-sea fishing, diving, parasailing, scuba diving, boating, jet skiing and snorkeling are all available. A must see whileAcapulco Dive in Acapulco is La Quebrada. Everyday daring cliff divers risk their lives by diving over a 120 feet into shallow waters.

Acapulco Sightseeing Galore

For vacationers who prefer sightseeing to a day spent at the beach, no need to fear, there is plenty to do. The exterior walls of Dolores Olmedo's house are covered in murals done by Mexico's most famous artist, Diego Rivera. The mural honors Mexican mythology and uses stones, shells and beautiful tiles to tell the story. The town square is located in Old Acapulco. Wander the streets, shop in the boutiques or eat in one of the many sidewalk cafes and enjoy the sights and sounds. This part of Acapulco is much different than the resort areas. This is the real Acapulco and an area that takes immense pride in its culture and heritage. To take home a piece of Acapulco, head over to the View of Mountainside in Acapulco Mercado Municipal. This large market offers everything from pottery and baskets to love potions and candles.

Mexican Cruise Vacations

Nighttime is just as exciting as daytime in Acapulco. The dining is excellent, certain to please even the Acapulco Coastmost discerning palate. Acapulco is a city that never sleeps. Vacationers can dance the night away under the stars at one of the city's many clubs. This lively, exciting town has a little bit of something for everyone. For this reason, numerous cruise lines have made Acapulco a stopping point while traveling around Mexico. Everyday cruise ships deposit hundred of vacationers on the shores of Acapulco to explore and enjoy the city before heading off to other exotic destinations. To visit seaside towns such as Acapulco, Ensenada and Cancun, book a Mexican Cruise Vacation today!
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